Sunday, November 25, 2012

Credit Repair in Sacramento

Your are not the only one who needs credit repair in Sacramento. Since 2006 people credit has been dropping dramatically and that's because of two thing identity theft and lose of employment. Now that the economy is growing people are in need to fix there credit. I live in Sacramento and there is really no credit repair companies and they have some debt consolidation companies but they do not really help anyone. So what are some things you can do? Well first you can request a copy of your report. By doing this you can get a jump on any unwanted items on your credit. If it is not your debt then you should write a letter to the bureau letting them know you would like to dispute that item off your credit. Next if it is fraud put an alert on your credit file so that way the bureau can be aware that you a victim of identity theft. Go to you local police station and file a report that some on has used your social security number and have been using it to get credit. This will help protect you. If the case is with you social security number being use to apply for credit.
Please remember that since you have an alert do not apply for anything because you will most likely be denied because of that fraud alert. This is for you protection make sure that the three credit bureaus have all you updated information because they will be contacting you to let you know your file was trying to be accessed.

Now if the debt is your debt then of course they will not remove it until the debt is paid off. There is still ways to make sure that when you do pay it off they pull it of your credit to boost your score. For old debt that is two years or older contact them and find out the minimum you can pay. In most cases, the debt has been sold and the older the debt the more they are ready to just settle the debt to get some money because they bought the debt for another company. If they do agree to you paying the minimum ask for a letter that if you pay the debt they will remove the debt of your credit right away. Some will say they cant do it but they can. So dont give up on the fight. There is tons of things you can do. 

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